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I see the way to post images now is to paste the link, double hit enter and the image shows up where as 3.4.7 you have to enter %7Boption%7D or use the pop up box. The problem I have is that after a couple of warnings from adsense about images on the site I have had to change the image code from %7Boption%7D to [image] so that all old images don't show, manually going through 700k posts wasn't really an option.

I'm not seeing any BBCode options in 4 unless I'm blind, will my image code be reverted to %7Boption%7D and all old images restored? will I have to and can I disable the new way of posting an image or will it be fine and no older images will be affected?

Hope that makes sense, kinda does in my head.

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Content from previous versions will be rebuilt by a background process after the upgrade to IPS 4 is finished. So images that have been posted with the image bbcode should be converted then, along with other bbcode.

The conversion will not happen for all posts immediately, but it'll eventually finish the rebuild of all older posts. The task is dependent on site visits to trigger a rebuild of a certain amount of posts. You can set up a cron task which will speed up the process, you'll find instructions on setting up a cron task in your Admin CP for IPS 4. (Search for "task" when in the ACP for IPS 4)

There is no bbcode-mode in the new editor and you'll not be able to toggle between BBCode and WYSIWYG. But you should still be able to write bbcode into the editor and then have it be converted into HTML when it's submitted. Try to write some bbcode in your next post, like [ b ], submit and see what happens. :) 


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