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Just noticed with Commerce installed. Statistics - Sales - Markets and lo and behold a filterable world map appears which I imagine will fill out really nicely once I import some data.

The blog posts kinda stopped and we never really got one for Commerce (did we for Pages? Chat I know we didn't) but I'm still discovering some really nice things buried in unexpected places. Between the improved system wide statistics and that never discussed EasyPost integration you guys have a lot to talk about - in a good way.

Obligatory request: I think people will yell quite a lot if you don't geoip member registrations and duplicate the above map for the member section of statistics.


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I actually would love to see that for member stats as well :) But I look forward to the roundup. So many new things!

​yes improved member stats all around would be nice. I think stats can also create a little friendly competition which is useful for many communities.

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