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7a before the weekend?


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Still crap.

Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Location: Step 7 1. Application: Core


​If you have an issue please report it and we can of course resolve. This however is not the way to do it, please watch the wording.

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I have decided to no longer test the betas. Let some one else do it. I will wait for the RC.

7a comes out and introduces some bugs. Then we were told it is fixed and we should re-download.

Then later added,  not all were fixed.


​Plenty of people are frustrated with things going wrong – I've had to re-theme the same design 5 times already (and will have to do so again, it appears) – but everyone has the choice to beta test or not. You don't get to complain about something you chose to do. Credit where it's due, at least the people here are working on fixing the problems that crop up, and they try to get new releases done quickly so any problems people do encounter, get solved almost immediately.

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I understand everybody is frustrated but I think you guys are expecting too much. Releasing beta 7/7a was in good faith and I am pretty sure those new bugs were not intentional. RC will be released early next week so I just wait for that. By the way my IPB 4 test install is still unusable too. I won't even mention pages but I trust that they will get it worked out during the RC stage.

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