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[IPS4] Where are the languages cache files?


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dev/lang.php is used in development. When you export the app, it creates the XML, which is used by the install and added to the core_sys_lang_words table.

​Thanks a lot :)

I've created a plugin (not an app) and added an item in the plugin lang.php file, but it doesn't appear in the Themes > languages center.

We can only translate apps languages bits?

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Have you downloaded the plugin ? When you download it, it adds the language bit to the XML, like that:

}]]></hook></hooks><htmlFiles><html filename="regTerms.phtml">PGlwczp0ZW1wbGF0ZSBwYXJhbWV0ZXJzPSIkZm9ybSIgLz4NCnt0ZW1wbGF0ZT0icGFnZUhlYWRlciIgZ3JvdXA9Imdsb2JhbCIgcGFyYW1zPSJcSVBTXE1lbWJlcjo6bG9nZ2VkSW4oKS0+bGFuZ3VhZ2UoKS0+YWRkVG9TdGFjaygncmVnX3Rlcm1zJykifQ0KPGRpdiBjbGFzcz0naXBzVHlwZV9ub3JtYWwgaXBzVHlwZV9yaWNoVGV4dCBpcHNQYWQnPg0KCXtsYW5nPSJyZWdfcnVsZXNfdmFsdWUifQ0KCTxkaXYgY2xhc3M9Imlwc0FyZWFCYWNrZ3JvdW5kIGlwc1BhZCI+DQoJCTxjZW50ZXI+eyRmb3JtfHJhd308L2NlbnRlcj4NCgk8L2Rpdj4NCjwvZGl2Pg==</html></htmlFiles><cssFiles/><jsFiles/><resourcesFiles/><lang><word key="regTerm" js="0"><![CDATA[<strong>I have read, understood and agree to those rules and conditions</strong>]]></word><word key="regTerm_proceed" js="0">Continue Registration</word></lang><versions><version long="10000" human="1.0.0"><![CDATA[//<?php

This plugin has 2 language bits. See the word key above... appears twice.

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