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I have attempted to upgrade a COPY of my site since last October on each build and for the past several builds the upgrade process fails, every time.
I have posted several times in the forums and tickets at the request of site staff to review the issue, providing credentials to the test sites so they can see for themselves what is the cause of the issues - I have zero confirmation that anyone actually looked at the site.

I realize support is not available for beta but I am not trying to upgrade the site for use - its my attempt to make sure things work before a future public release is viable; and so that i can invite my volunteer moderators to kick the tires of the software before we attempt to upgrade, the live site. But also as part of the community here to voice an opinion or suggestion or report a bug when found - usually these are stolen moments of time in the wee hours of the morning in between other work.

So that means there is something severely wrong with a copy of my site or something wrong with the upgrade process. I have made a copies of my site on my spare domain and in a folder on my primary domain - i have logged in to the copy and disabled all third party products, reset all the paths that i could find, re-cached the database. 

If paths are SO important and upgrading COPIES of sites is so critical why are not PATHS present in the UPGRADE screens so that you can during the upgrade process update every path and cache file. 

I invite IPS to make a copy of my site for me and attempt to upgrade the copy so that I can resume my testing and perhaps provide you insight as to why the upgrade fails, and perhaps fix bugs that prevents others a similar frustration.




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I recall personally working on a ticket from you and the fundamental start of the problem was that you could not set up a 3.x test site in order to upgrade it.  I'm afraid we don't support test sites, or beta releases, so naturally there is some differences in what we can assist with right now when you have trouble.  You need to be able to get a test copy of your live site set up and working fully if you wish to test upgrading it to 4 - the last I worked with you, we weren't able to get that far.

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Brandon (and staff), I do really appreciate your assistance, and the fact that the items in the tracker are marked fixed. I realized that they are fixed in your copy of the source code and that it would take way too much time to provide any detailed instructions for a mortal like me to go in and apply fixes to get be past the road block.

I was able to get a test copy of the site up and running just fine. But even so encountered yet another issue ( alter table command ) so another beta that I cannot upgrade too; which will mean another lost week or longer (until a new beta) that I cannot provide feedback for testing bugs on an upgraded site. 

Yes, I can install a fresh copy of a site and get it working and look around but that's not typical and only identifies a very small percentage of existing users making new sites and or new customers new to the platform, the majority of users will be upgrading like me, who haven't ventured into testing any of the betas ( perhaps the have more sense ;) or better things to do )


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