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Fixed bugs vs. fixed installation


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I bought a second license and I am currently setting up a new 4.0 site. While doing this over the last weeks I have been filing dozens of bug reports for IPS 4.0. Most of them have been marked “fixed”. However, when I install the newest update, I find, that quite a few persist on my site and it is getting more and more frustrating. My suspicion is: “fixed” is meant for a new IPS installations, but it doesn’t always mean that the upgrade routine is actually fixing the issues on my beta installation. Am I right or am I wrong? 

I don’t know how to go on with this. Reporting the issues again either gets ignored or will end up with “can’t reproduce/closed”. Sure, if the problem doesn’t exist on a new installation, it can’t be reproduced. But that doesn’t resolve the problem on my site.  

But since there are now weeks of work in my installation already, I don’t want to start all over again just to get rid of those bugs. But I also can’t get my site online with those bugs still around.  So what to do? Am I the only one with this problem? How are others dealing with it? Was it my fault to believe I could built my site on beta software and then have all issues resolved with the upgrades?

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If you can provide links to a few examples I can take a look.

​Gladly …
All the following problems are not solved for me. 


1. “Revert button deletes templates”. Reported. Fixed. Still persists after upgrading. 

2 “Pages filters not working”. Matt explored and fixed it for a sample db on my site. But it persists for another database. 

3. “Pages shows only one map/address for different records”. Reported. Fixed. Still persists after upgrading. 

4. “certain characters in URL prevent file upload“.

5. “Syntax error during registration“

6. “Cryptic codes as links”

7. “Missing theme setting language bits”. Persisting over several Betas. 




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1 & 2: I've asked for some input from Matt on the fixes

3) If you can submit a ticket in your client area with ACP and FTP access ATTN Brandon I'm happy to take a look

4) I couldn't reproduce, it wasn't marked fixed (so this isn't an install vs upgrade thing).  I can take a look if you submit a ticket per #3.

5) I've asked for some input from Andy on this

6) I had replied to the report asking if you can reproduce this still when performing another test step, as I cannot reproduce so we need more information on why you are having this issue.

7) This report is still in Pending status (and in fact we have approximately 3 open bug reports about this issue).


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