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IPS4 Turkish Translation


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How do you translate it together? You translate it on the same board or what?

Actually I was thinking if there was a translation made to an extend I would continue but your question has given me the idea that we can do the translation on a test forum which I already have one.


I will start to translate when first RC is released :) 

​Ok,  Lets have an expert opinion ;)

@Daniel F , would you suggest waiting for a translation ( since there may be additions and deletions ) or is Beta6 mature enough to have a go ?

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Have you started ?

Yes and submitted on MarketPlace. Waitinf for approval :)

I have translated at the moment: forum index, category, forum, topic section and a little bit profile section when i have submitted.

Now i have translated and translate more section but i wait Ips team approve my file...

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