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Feature Addition: Better Follow Options (Admin)


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My favorite, favorite, favorite feature of IPB since 3.0 has been notifications. The only problem is I find them lacking.

Now, in the new version it appears that it may be a bit better because it will now notify mods when there is pending content (YOU HAS NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES A MORRPANDA) but there is no way for administrators to get members to follow proper content. Like with people that I follow it's a blanket follow option. I would love the addition into forums that you can pick and choose which forums are auto-followed (for example an announcements forum and a challenges forum) or blogs (like Staff blogs) or galleries. I'm not overly concerned about the rest but I certainly think the "auto-folllow" feature could be added to the forums as such:

Add a turn off and on for forums that state "Auto-Follow Forum" with the description of "If the New members content follow is enabled then new accounts will be auto subscribed to this forum on registration".

I know it's a little more than that but that would be better than a blanket "Follow everything" rule.

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