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[Feature request] Add links on specific words in posts


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Hi there,

It would be very interesting to have a feature that links specific words in forum posts to specified URLs.

For instance, on a forum about cars, the forum owner may like to have an automatic link on the word "Mercedes", linked to its own content page about this car.
I think it may be useful for the community, and for SEO purpose as well.

Some precautions:

- a link on a specific word would only appear once in the forum post (we don't want the forum posts to be filled with links if the word appears several times in the text).

- this feature would be an option for each app. For instance, the blog posts would not be concerned by this feature, as the blog owners may not like to have links inserted in their text automatically.


Would that be useful for you?


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I definitely like this idea, and woild like to.expand it to involve the larger framework of inline tagging / hashtagging.  The way most discussions unfold in forums adds new key terms and tags in later posts.  Only having topic tags doesn't keep up with the richness of forum discussions that changechange over time.  

Going back to your OP, I think tags themselves ought to have the option of being manually linked to other items within the suite (as well as offering similar items with the same tag).  This will accomplish your request within the existing framework of tags. 


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