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RC version...is it considered "fully supported" and stable?

Ryan Thomas

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Hey guys,

So this is probably a dumb question, but when the RC versions start rolling out, can I use it on my production site and are they considered "fully supported" by the IP staff?  Or would I still need to wait for the final "gold" version?

Thanks for the help!

​It also may be better to wait, if you apply it to a live site there could be bugs and you want to wait for a patch 4.0.1~ish before doing a live site, IMHO.

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There will be always bugs as you know: 3.4.7 is a fixed version of 3.4.6 and before :) so in my opinion, after RC releases, Final version will be a very stable release. Of course, we will have 4.0.1, x.0.2 , x.0.3 etc...

I've found that most bugs fixed in "late" minor point versions like 3.4.7 are bugs that really have been present for quite a long time, in most cases it comes down to the fact that they either haven't been discovered before or it's just taken a while to get a fix applied (likely because it's a minor issue).

I've never had any problems with the first releases. Sure there are bugs and there always will be, but I've never had a game-breaking issue.

​I have experienced quite some performance issues with early point versions for large boards. So usually I've found it best to wait a bit. The "punishment" is also more substantial if there are 'experience-breaking' issues that your board didn't have before, the larger the board is, just simply because you'll have more visitors that can complain and you're expected to handle issues with more speed and professionality. 

Ultimately though, you're more likely to discover performance issues and the large impact on experience some bugs may actually have, only when a large board actually upgrades and start to use it in a real-life environment, which can take some time in itself due to the fact they usually have quite a few custom code modifications, login handlers, a professional theme and so on they must do. So I've found that it doesn't necessarily help so much to delay even more with the expectation that someone else will find such bugs earlier either. So I'm a bit mixed on my opinion on this.

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