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Beta 6 testing results.


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Need to compare with previous versions

​Here is a test of ips4 beta5 vs 347, same server, same setup, same fresh install for both versions. (apples to apples)

I didn't post all of the prior testing, I just wanted to show the great results of beta6 ;)






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Those test were done using nginx as a reverse proxy for apache 2.4, php 5.6 with Zend opcache, and mariadb 5.5.

I also did the same test using the same configs without nginx and just apache 2.4, there wasn't enough of a difference to matter with normal loads, however under stress testing while also running the performance test at the same time, nginx performed better. 

Here was the results during the stress test of 200 request per second while also running the performance test. (please note these performance testing sites are not 100% accurate, however it's a decent guide to go by for testing if you use them all and combine the results with some common sense.)





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I personally don't care for websites like WebPageTest since they're all very finicky on the way they actually perform these tests. For example, the index page on my production forum actually loads in ~0.88 seconds according to WebPageTest, but because of some beacon and analytic scripts that run as delayed Ajax requests in the background, it doesn't recognize the page as being fully loaded until those all fire off and return a response, even though they don't impact actual page load times at all.

Have you ever used New Relic Rhett? If you haven't, I think you'll really like the insights it can provide you with. It actually measures the application performance for one thing. Browser performance can vary on so many factors that are almost completely irrelevant to the server software itself.

These are the performance metrics over the last 24 hours for one of my production IP.Board 3.4.7 forums to provide an example,

It would definitely be nice to see some comparison metrics like this instead.

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I normally don't use any testing sites from third parties, I can tell what sites are doing from the back end and what is quick or not etc,  I go by real usage of the site, some people love test site results though, and why I posted these.  :) 



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You don't have gzip compression enabled. There's no excuse for that. Enable it. Seriously.

You can add cache control headers to static resources by adding the following to your .htaccess file,

# Cache-Control Headers
<ifModule mod_headers.c>
  <filesMatch ".(ico|jpe?g|png|gif|swf|css|js)$">
    Header set Cache-Control "max-age=2592000, public"
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