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Subscription Manager!!! Bring it back!!!


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I am not sure why this feature was even removed, but it needs to make its return and this time stay for good!! So please bring this feature back, and you would make me very very happy!!

​I believe might need eyes tested Subscription manager still around its always been third party app from day nexus was around..

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naw bro.. the subscription manager here i find to be very buggy i had to run to queries to get it to actually work without errors, but yes i am aware there is a mod for the subscription manager i have it here http://forums.wolfpackarcade.com/subscriptions/ but i have user message me that they couldn't upgrade due to


Invalid first trial period. You must specify valid values for the A1, P1, and T1 parameters for a subscription.


so bring back the old one would be well.. i also researched this error, it has something to do with time set, thing is my time does not expired all my groups are lifetime, and when a user decides to upgrade group they got this message, it happened recently.  The error occors i think if you upgrade from 2.3.x but i am not sure what makes it occur, and i am not sure how it works as a fresh new community


if you interested in playing around with it, send me a message, and we can swap a 1.00 lol :P

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