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Google Custom Search Engine

Joel R

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I was reading through a topic regarding search engines on another board, and I came to the startling realization that I also hated the built-in search on IP.Board.  With a passion.  I hate the search.  My users hate the search.  I use Google to find everything on my own website.  My users just end up leaving.  You get the point, ya?

Instead of trying to offer and develop a rudimentary built-in search option, my suggestion is to simply leverage the power of Google's custom search engine.  


The board already has existing integration with various third-party features through the Community Enhancements; board admins and users could utilize the full power behind Google's proprietary search; and you wouldn't need to worry about spending development efforts on a feature where there's already a world-class substitute for it.  


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Agreed although "The Company" has said search will be vastly improved in 4.0

I use Google to find topics on the Invision Community Board.  It is just too frustrating to attempt to find anything with the built-in search in the Invision Community Board.

Thanks for adding your voice to the IPS Spring but I doubt it will be given much heed.

- Brian

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BFarber has addressed the search issue in IPS multiple times as he has been regularly captured and strung up by bands of irate searchraged folk.  He has explained I think 2 or 3 times that they cannot use a third party system and the futility of searching by three letter words.  He has said that Search will be vastly improved in 4.0.  Seriously, maybe BFarber can chime in since I think all Search fixes and Search enhancements are handled in his cubicle.

Oh hey, you can just use the search feature to find it in several topics .........  laughing hysterically ... sign of a twisted and sick surfer ... laughs at his own jokes

you could ask @Marcher Technologies  he can give you a very thorough, technical explanation


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