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Transfering from one server to another

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STOP..  Before you start to tell me how to do it..

I can not even find my way around this stupid new forum.  I had a glitch with my skin several months ago and I was able to find my way to the skin designer and found out what to do to fix it.  Now with this new screwed up forum I can not find anything.  Just a mess.


I have about a dozen websites hosted on hostway.com.  I now have a server on namecheap.  I need someone who can transfer them for me.



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Sorry.  Don't get it..  I not only did not have a clue why you sent me that link but went there and did not understand a thing about the topics listed.  NO HELP THERE..

​You're also very rude. It's no wonder people don't seemingly help you. 

You said you could not navigate these forums so I suggested a better place to post your request for help. I thought my post was quite clear. Let me see...

General/core help: http://community.invisionpower.com/forum/483-ips-community-suite-coregeneral/ - I bet you can find help there too.

​Yep, seems clear to me why that was posted.

Try accepting some helpful advice instead of being full of hot air. (Pun intended.)

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I am truly sorry you were offended.  Not my intent.  When you said I could find help there I believed that there was something there that would be helpful to me.  I looked at all the topics and found nothing helpful.  I did not assume that you ment for me to post a topic there. You did not say that.  So the post you made was not helpful.  I am not a developer and most of the stuff on here is so far over my head (no punn intended) that I can barely read it let alone read into it as you wanted me to.  Most "helpful responces" leave me with ten times the questions that I started with because I do not understand the abrevations or the terms that are in the "Helpful responses"  That is why I prefaced my post with.

STOP..  Before you start to tell me how to do it..

I can not even find my way around this stupid new forum. 

My response was an honest response from someone who has absolutely NO CLUE what they are doing.  It was in no way intended to be pissy or disrespectful.  I simply do not have any idea of what I am doing or how to use this forum.


All the best.



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Everything.  I do not know what the forums mean.  I was responding to Heff when I saw your post pop up.  It took me 18 clicks to get back here because I did not know how to do it.  Even right now I have no idea of where I am and when I hit post I do not know how to get back here.  I hit the little bell thing at the top I think.  But here again what the hell is a little bell suppose to tell me?

Then there are areas like server management resource???  What does that mean?  The new forum has all kinds of great stuff for someone who knows what this stuff is but for someone new to all of this I am useless.

My signature is not just a smart ass comment.  IT IS THE HONEST TRUTH. 

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I just found out that Namecheap does not support Frontpage.  That is how I built 6 of my 8 sites.  So even if I could transfer them I would not be able to work on them.

When I do get a response the information makes not sense since about every third word refers to something I have no knowledge of. 

If you take the Wizzit and place it in the UBWA and turn on the sequencing BNR the element and the clonator will be re-matched. 

That is how much of this sounds to me.  By the time I am finished reading the help I have no clue what it was I was trying to fix.

But I have no where else to go for help.  I am learning but without specific help I must bounce off of a few walls and go in a few circles till I can figure it out.


Here is a good example why this new forum drives me nuts.  What happened to the Content I Follow?  Its up there but I have to figure out that Followed Content is the old Content I Follow.  Then when I go there I see nothing.  I am supposed to recognize that the tabs on the right hand side of the page are the NEW and DIFFERENT areas with content I follow or followed content.  So then I have to figure out what categories were the things I was following under now?  And then I see repeats of the same buttons, some work some do not.  WHY???  So now i am so confused that I just want to leave.  Then the forums have these terms that mean nothing.  Like Heff sent me to a forum that had Core General??  I do not know what a core general is.  That is just like IPContent.  Took me WEEKS to get someone to explain what that was.  So YES  I am sorry but I do not like this new format.  I do not understand it and find it difficult to use.  It is very frustrating because I am HONESTLY trying to help myself and learn but go round and round and round.  Like how do I get back here without hitting my little bell at the top of the page and clicking on the notification from Heff.  Because that is the only way I can find my way back here.


Managed Host?  Lots of good ones out there?  OK.. I am guessing a Managed host is a provider with support like here?  Good ones?  How do I know what a good one is?  Not to be rude but even that statement sends me into a few walls and about 6 circles.

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What is a Noob?  Like Newby?

I am a professional Hot Air Balloon Pilot.  I purchased the IPS forum to create a place for balloonists like me.  My experience is this.

I can use and work with Flash 5.0  Illustrator 9.  FrontPage 2003.  Excel and power-point and Word,  That is it! 

So ALL and I do mean ALL of this other stuff that you guys talk about on here is completely and totally Greek to me.

2.41 hours on chat support with namecheap to realize that there was no way I could do a transfer of my 8 websites because I had no idea how to do it and they did not support frontpage so if I did move them I would no longer be able to work on them because FrontPage is the only thing I know.


As my signature says and I mean literately  Clueless, Helpless, Useless, Hopeless and Careless.

I do not understand how to use an FTP.  I do not know what files need to be saved or not.  I do not understand why there is a www. file and a public file and a web file and a nameyoursite file?

Some of them just link to the others.  I have uploads and files duplicated all over the server because I had no idea where they were supposed to go so I uploaded them 6 different places before I got the right place.

What happens to my emails?  Do I have to recreate them all over again?  What is an SQL.  What happens to my SSL  Do I need a new Bing API for my map?  What about the FedEx module? New keys? 

I have no answers and more questions than can be asked on a forum like this.  Currently the idea of transfering even ONE SITE is dead because they do not have FrontPage and I have no other way of working on my sites.  FrontPage is all I have ever used.  I do not know code of any kind.  NONE.. I can not even use the IPContent because I do not understand what the code stuff means. 

So  nooby or noob or what ever you called me...  Shit I dont even rank that high...


Capt Jeff


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I hope you and others (Heff) understand why I get frustrated.  I did not even understand what he was trying to tell me.  He wanted to show me where to go and post a topic to get help but he did not specifically say that.  You may find help here.......  So I went and looked.  I also looked just now at the VCU or VSP or OVH.  They have a ton of stuff.  Too bad I have no idea what a private clunkamajig is or a Ubuntu v14.04   Ubanatub?  Who makes this crap up? 


Yes I agree,  I need someone who knows what they are doing to help but here again.  Who?  Who do I trust?  How do I determine what a fair price is?  How do I know if they can actually do the job.  What happens when they get half way thru and can not finish it.  It took me two years to get my HotAirBalloonist.com site set up where it runs with nearly ZERO glitches.  I sincearly do not want to mess with that.  Namecheap looked like I could move all of my sites over for and cost me a year what I am paying a month now.  But all that did was open a thousand cans of worms.  I simply do not know enough to even START that process.

I appreciate your kindness and care.  I do not try to offend anyone but many of the quip replies are not helpful at all.  They assume that I have a clue about what the answer is going to be and  in most cases I don't even know what question to ask.


Thank you.

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