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Sorry, I did a little search and couldn't find the topic (I thought it had been raised before, maybe it was a bug report) - anyway, are IPS bring back the core functionality of the status updates sidebar block on 3.4.x?

This allows people to reply and view status updates and replies from the sidebar block in 3.4.x but in 4.0 this functionality has been removed. I persoanlly think it's a step backwards and should be brought back.

Current 3.4.x

V4 Beta 5a

Click on date to view status update on users profile

As it stands on 3.4.x everything can be seen in one sidebar hook for all users (well set at 5 updates to show in the hook) but you can see the updates and replies in one place without having to jump back and forth between users profiles.

Can you bring this core functionality of 3.4.x hook to 4.0 please?


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That's the thing, the status update block does exist, but they have taken this functionality away. It really needs to be brought back. You can reply to any status update (well the 5 that are showing, or what you set this at), in one place.

Now if you want to reply to a status, you need to click the timestamp, visiti the members status page, post a reply. Go back to a page that has the status update block showing (hope no one else has posted a status update), click the timestamp, and repeat the process.

Not very user friendly.

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