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4.0 Marketplace API Information

Tom Christian

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We've known for some time now that the Marketplace API is going to receive an overhaul. The section is even viewable within the contributor center.  With the release of IPS4 fairly imminent, It would be great if IPS could share some information about what kind of push & pull requests will be available as I and I'm sure many others would love to prepare our systems before the big launch.



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The documentation you linked to is what there is. Do you want/need something else?​

Is there any special reason I just see a page indicating I don't have access? 

Is it just for those that takes payment for their plugins / apps? (I'm unsure what the API is used for) 

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Try now :) 

​Mark, is this API subject to change? It appears to be almost identical to the old API.

I provided feedback for additional improvements several times during IPS4's development and Charles even confirmed in a live chat to me that the API would be overhauled. In particular, the ability to verify customer's purchases simply by e-mail address or purchase code.

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In fact, the example I gave in the live chat was almost identical to how Envato (ThemeForest) verify purchases. Eg:


Which returns:

        "licence":"Regular Licence",
        "created_at":"Sat Dec 11 06:00:00 +1100 2010",
        "item_name":"Wizard Pro" 

I don't see how this is possible with what we currently have unless I queried for every purchase of every single one of my files and looked for matching e-mail addresses / purchase codes.

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