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Post Editing / Hiding / Deleting in IP.Board 4


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I don't have an 4.0 beta installation, so I was hoping someone who has it installed would be able to answer a simple question for me.

Have there been any changes to the Post Editing/Hiding/Deleting features in 4.0?  I believe in 3.x there was a time limit option for editing, and Hiding/Deleting was simply enable/disable.  Have the configuration options expanded at all, for example, allow editing until new post is created?

I guess what I'm interested in is keeping the continuity of the discussion in place, rather than just setting a time limit.

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No changes on what you're suggesting.

You have the option to keep post history of posts though, so you'll be able to see earlier versions of the post. That's the only change I can think of that I feel is related to these features. 

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