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On the old 4.0 demo there was a topic about spoilers, but now it's dead, as I know. But problems are still there. So let's discuss it again.

I can't understand why IPB's spoiler BB-code still has not title option. Many other forum software has spoilers with titles, but IPB has ugly little functional spoilers in IPB 3 and in 4.0 too. Spoiler title is a very useful function for many boards. People use it very often. For example, if somebody makes a topic with many photos and some videos, he put them into two spoilers. And it's very convenient to make titles: Photos and Videos to let other people know what is inside.

In 3.4.7 I replaced default spoiler with my own with title functionality, and it allows me and my users to do this:







Need to replace text "Скрытый текст" (Hidden content) if spoiler title is defined, but I don't know how to do that.

In 4.0 IPS team has improved spoiler. Now it looks much better, but where is the title? Is it so hard to realize?

And one more suggestion about the appearance. There are no any borders in new spoiler, so it makes me confused sometimes.


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