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Which bugs are fixed in 5a? What's difference between 5 and 5a?


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The road to V4 seems neverending.

Yep I've renewed my 6 monthly subscription twice in the hope it would be released soon to no avail. Sods law it runs out next month when it will probably end up being released but I'm pretty apathetic about the whole situation now and might now renew anyway. 

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​I love how IPS can't win. Some people are complaining they aren't updating enough and now that they are? facepalm

​...and I love when my complains pisses off others... That makes my day. :frantics::hyper::yes::huggles:

So 5b or 6 is around. Today or tuesday :) ? I see in last hour, more bugs are fixed, more than before...

​There are 3 pages of PENDING bugs yet. I don't think they will want to release many betas like that. As Charles said in another topic, probably one more beta and then RCs. But not today or tuesday... I guess. :)

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