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A gift for the new year 2015 for IPB members from me - (FREE server setup/optimization)

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I was plan to post this at 1st of January but i was very busy with customer servers and as i do only 4 jobs per month it was not possible :(

Anyway now i want to offer to one IPB forums member a full of my services for free !

I will offer a custom setup (I prefer Centos 6.6 64bit) and i will use: Nginx, MariaDB, Php-fpm, Zend-Opcache, Memcache, Phpmyadmin, Sphinx (if needed and forum is a big one), csf firewall, kernel optimizations, system optimizations, Mysql optimizations, DNS Optimizations Automated files/database backups, and help to adjust Cloudflare also if needed...

So for the above you must be ready to format your server!

If you plan already to get a new server then i will move the forum also for free to the new server :)

*Huge forums are excluded from this as it will require a lot more job and monitoring to be done...and load balancing and clustering also excluded...

For any questions also post in this topic.

At the moment i am thinking to give this gift to the first one that will reply here or if you have any better idea then no problem :)

So please post all of you here :)

I wish to all of you happy new year !!!! :)

I love helping people :)



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