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[Commerce] [NEXUS] completed order: Product License key missing


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before in IPB 3.4.x .. we got this .. nicely organized ..

Customer can find their way directly to the license key and use it for their purchased software.


and now there seems to be only this ..


As you can read in the bug report .. it will not be implemented ..

I wonder what all the white space is for on that "completed order" page ..

Can there please be a solution to this ..

A new customer is not going to dig in "Billing & Purchases" to find the order for a license key at ones .. There is no info on the "completed order" page where to tell all this (just a link) .. and who is going to tell anyway? .. it should be more trustworthy to the customer to see the purchased product "license key" ..

It worked perfectly before ..

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in [Beta 5] the layout changed a bit after checkout & a successful payment ..

I have to say playing around with it in sandbox mode the PayPal Vault system is wonderful !!  Thumbs up for that IPS team  :)


the new layout:




We are getting some more room free for some link  to the license key or maybe the license key info itself ??

And maybe the "Renewal Term" per product in order details .. all to avoid confusion with the customer 1-2 weeks or a month after the purchase, when they mostly totally forgotten about the renewals ..

At least .. this layout is much better and directly in their "Billing & Purchases" page.  2 clicks away from the "license key"   :)








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