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I've encountered a situation in which it's much more appropriate to add more than one item to FrontNavigation in the app I'm developing (distinctly different sections relying on the same core functionality) and I noticed that every item added by an app has the same ID attribute, due to the use of strtok(), It seems strange to decidedly make the $id passed by \IPS\Application::allExtensions( 'core', 'FrontNavigation' ) non-unique, though I admit it may be done for a reason currently unbeknownst to me.

I would suggest using said $id unchanged rather than passing it through strtok(). The added flexibility would offset the very minor cosmetic redundancy of having some item IDs end in app_App (i.e. calendar_Calendar). The one-nav-item-per-app thing also seems very 3.x.

In addition, I think a case can be made for having the classes added to the FrontNavigation extension implement an interface. Either way, a note ought be added to the children() method stating that each array item must be an object with the same methods as the parent.

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