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[AdonisMale] Photo Navigation

Joel R

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(Edit: This should definitely be in the IP.Gallery suggestion board.)


Suggestions to improve navigation for each photo:

1.  I should be able to click on the photo itself to enlarge to Lightbox.  

2.  "Full size" is in bottom left-hand corner of lightbox.  That's a lot of 'wrist whiplash' to go from one corner ("View in lightbox")  to the diametrically opposite corner ("Full Size").  

3.  Where is slideshow?

4.  Where are keyboard forward / backward controls in lightbox?  

4b.  Did you know the keyboard forward / backward controls still work while in lightbox mode?  It changes the photo but not the lightbox.  

5.  Add option to immediately "View full size."


Some other random thoughts:

  • "View in lightbox" button should be more prominently placed as first, instead of "Set as my profile photo."  It's my guess that the number of clicks on the lightbox button will far exceed the clicks on profile photo button.   
  • "View in lightbox" button uses icon.  Maybe use an icon for "Set as my profile photo" as well.  
  • "View in lightbox" button should be much closer to center, or allow suggestion #1.  Otherwise, it's too far to move the mouse, especially if a user wants to enlarge hundreds of photos in the lightbox.  That's my biggest user interface concern in image view.
  • Your nomenclature is inconsistent.  One includes an action verb ("View in lightbox"); the other is a noun ("Full size").
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