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Kinda questionable IPB


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I don't think a setting is necessary to be honest -- power users are the most likely to see the reminder banner and not renew, so it stands to reason a self-sufficient power user will be able to quickly work around removing it from the theme if they deem it too intrusive after being dismissed.


With that said, I like your idea of tying it to the license key permission and will look into that for those concerned about privacy - thanks for the suggestion.

This is the current/revised rendition that can be dismissed.

skitched-20141231-002901.png 2015-01-01 01-12-02.png


I like that....How long does it wait itll check again?

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I think this nag message is a gross intrusion on privacy

​HAHAHAHAH! PLEASE HAHAHA YOU'RE HILARIOUS. Any other spew you want to cough up?


I am an ip customer

PSST, I know you might find this hard to believe, but... you're on the customer forums... and you know... there are a lot of customers here. It's mind blowing I know. Don't let it frighten you into a THE END IS NIGH speech though.... oh too late, you already did that. Well, you've got a rocky future ahead of you, full of disappointment when you realize businesses don't stay the same and that they need to make money to survive. But I'm sure you'd rather IPS go bankrupt rather than allowing a business adapt to survive in hard times. Do you know the current state of IPS's books? Maybe they aren't making enough sales to survive for the near future and need to look at ways to ensure it has a future? Or maybe they want to hire more staff so they can get updates to you faster(something you're whining about), but need more funding? If you've ever run a business, these are things you'd have to think about, so it's clear you have no idea of what it's like running a business. There's no conspiracy here. Lindy is not planning to buy an island and become head of NSA.



5 pages of whining over two sentences that contain no confidential information that only appears to admins on the F/E who can already see it in the ACP? If there was ever a definition of making a mountain out of a molehill, this is it. Pat yourself on the back, you're going to need the motivation to build a new mountain when you find the next stupid thing to whine about, whats new in the world? Surely professional whining is a legitimate line of work nowadays, probably good money in it too. (Something fun to read: http://benstarner1.empowernetwork.com/blog/professional-whiner [ignore the gammin advertising])

Really, IPS is doing legendary if this is the biggest stuff customers have to complain about.

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@Cyrem your lack of respect for other people's view is remarkable. Sarcasm does not work with me.

I am entitled to my opinion, and you are entitled to yours, and that's it. You do not know me at all, and vice versa. Do not waste your time making baseless assumptions.

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@Cyrem your lack of respect for other people's view is remarkable. Sarcasm does not work with me.

I am entitled to my opinion, and you are entitled to yours, and that's it. You do not know me at all, and vice versa. Do not waste your time making baseless assumptions.

​As I said before, there is a difference in someone giving their opinion and then being utterly rude about it. Perhaps @Cyrem was  being overly aggressive...I can agree with that but I still agree with their overall opinion 100 percent.

This software is amazing. Is it perfect? Nope...But then again, what is? If there was a perfect product, we wouldn't have all these viable alternatives. However, this whole ordeal was being blown out of proportion.

1. First it was the notice that was the issue and being FORCED to have it. Okay cool...Let's complain about that.

2. Then it was "Oh it is worded badly." Okay let's go with that.

3. Privacy Concerns....Then it started getting a little extreme.

4. Then it became "IPS must be hurting because of the lack of sales or renewals or upgrades."--- What does have to do with anything? What proof do we have that this is even true other than baseless assumptions?

5. Then it became "Well if they show it our admins then what's to stop them from showing it to our members?"- I was so done when I read that. So done.

We'll also point out the fact that this was already being discussed here on IPB site and was relatively tame and calm. It spreads to TAZ, and suddenly users of another software decided to jump in and start adding more stuff to it(See #4) and then flat out lying about other stuff(such as the policy about changing your domain) and then making personal attacks and disrespectful comments about IPS.

Even AFTER Lindy said they heard the complaints, users STILL had to get in a little witty insult or crack in after he already said they were working on making a good compromise.

The most vocal complainers of this are not IPS customers...They are XF users who have no stake in the software. No intentions of using the software or being affected by the policy and simply doing what usually happens on TAZ and condemning a product and company they had no plans to use in the first place.

And the 2 people who are leaving because of a notice(Despite both of them saying a week earlier 'OMG, IPB4 is amazing. I am so excited for it), I literally can't with. I just cant'.

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IPB 4 should have been released one year ago, our communities are losing competitivity each day.

​Quite frankly, I think this statement is spot on.  3.4x should have had some fundamental changes made to it while 4.0 was undergoing development.  

While I prefer IPS and will champion it, there are implementation missteps.  And while I am not a fan of VB, I believe that they have an advantage because they publish their own communities and react much quicker than IPB with changes that the community wishes.

That gap could be closed if IPB engaged and listened better.

As for this message thing, it doesn't bother me and I think Lindy has made some valid points in its defense.

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The intent of my original post was to address financial information disclosure like purchase transaction dates. Anything that reveals anything about my personal finances to anyone I scrutinize to the core. Having been a recent victim of having my cc number jacked through a major corporations lack of security and their in-ept ability to deal with the issue on top of the personal effect its had on me all leads me to say no to any type of financial disclosure to just about any entity. To me the sensible solution here is to let us make our own decision on who sees what when it comes down to this imo. But this is of course just my opinion.

In today's world businesses make decisions that sometimes could lead to other decisions. Lindy made mention other users log in more than admins, at that point I had to wonder if this could lead to mods or users seeing this information. A honest assumption I would think. I did not accuse IPB of wanting to show this to "members" or "mods" what I stated was if it went to that extreme I would have a hard time supporting the product anymore. And I think that's reasonable considering it's my choice to show personal information to whom I choose, this is not for someone to decide for me..

All this aside....
I do have a option. I do not have to add other admins. That equals in a sense to me a solution even though I can't have other admins, it's still a solution. Lindy's had the issue looked at and it appears has come to a medium with the community. I'm also no IPB fanboy but I can say this, my 2 dealings with Lindy over the years puts him above the frey as far as I am concerned. Good person.

This was also a major add-in. Everyone has a right to speak on this. The popularity alone of the issue clearly shows that anyone who says this was not worth a discussion isn't in this world. If it wasn't discussed now I can guarantee you it would be somewhere in the near future if not once but 2 or 100 times (We hope the hell not) :D The community buys the product, you add something like this community input is very relevant otherwise you move away from your base and lose out. Open communication is best and I think IPB handled this for the most part.


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Another idea would be to link the notice with the 'Can view and manage license data' Admin CP permission. Those who do not have the permission to view the license data, would not see the renewal reminder. Although this is more or less the same as the proposal for a on/off-switch. 

After discussion with a developer, it happens that this was already implemented and tied to that permission anyway. :) 

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