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Can Like SOME posts, Some I can't

Izaya Orihara

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I notice that liking is so....wishy washy for me.

For some people I can like and it shows up fine. Others(more often than not), I get a lovely pop up that says



Could this have something to do with my browser(Internet Explorer 11) as usually when I refresh the like usually appears to have gone through despite the error message. I ask about IE 11 simply because it does this already on 3.X series.

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Can you point to somewhere you are unable to like the post?  Without an example it is hard to speculate.

​There's no one particular place. It's any post more or less.

I notice this on IPB 3.4.7 as well....On most iPB forums, using IE, I press like and get an error message. I refresh and it is there.

However I did that compatibility fix thing and it works fine for me on my own site.

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