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I'd still like mobile users to be able to use the site.

If you don't mind, I'd like to use my time to do other things than read the ongoing news of IPS's development cycles.

You will need to decide between one or the other because nothing will change now given how close it is to final launch. The only solution I can think of is looking for a browser plugin that disables CSS media queries beneath a certain resolution. Not ideal, but if you're desperate, that's one option. 

Out of curiosity - have you not come across this 'issue' before? A huge majority of modern & forward thinking companies have (quite rightly) adopted responsive design for their web platforms. Does the same thing happen to you on my own site?

Oh and I don't mind what you do with your time. The intention behind my comment was in fact to help you save time by finding an answer yourself rather than creating two topics during a holiday period. Good luck finding a solution :-).

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Yes, slightly. I'm only getting the desktop view if the window is maximized.

This seriously affects the way I work, and not in a good way.

​You have something wrong with your install.

That is not by design. By design, it is ONLY supposed to drop to mobile if it notices the res being lower than 768 wide. 

Take a look at the two pics below, I screenshot'd this page, with the res shown in the top right corner showing you, what is happening to your setup is not supposed to be happening. Always test this site if possible too (thats what these tests were from)



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You're resolution on your desktop is 1024x768? That's really quite surprising as that is the resolution on my tablets which is what we set at the "breakpoint" for going to tablet-view from desktop view on the responsive design. Less than 1% of desktop users browse at 1024x768 so in this case you are in the vast minority so are going to experience issues. I am sure you see issues with other sites too.

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