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Editor toolbar fixed in the post


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Hello guys, I noticed that writing long posts of the editor remains at the top and frankly I find this uncomfortable, it would be much better than when writing a rather long post inside the text there was a scrollbar so the toolbar remains fixed and does not serve scroll up and down.

Sorry for my english...google translate.

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I agree. I love the auto-expand editor for simple posts, but whenever I make longer posts and want to apply formatting it becomes tedious if I want to do something else than underline, italic and bold (ctrl + u/i/b) further down in the post.

Now I need to select text, scroll up, choose a style, scroll down to see how it looks, scroll up to do changes, scroll down to review again etc. Sometimes I might even be confused as to what I have currently selected and need to scroll down just to double check that.

So I would want some solution here, but I personally like the auto-expand up until the point I wish to apply formatting. So a solution for me would not be to have the editor area be a fixed height.

So either fixed toolbar (could be minimized until clicked or hovering some toggle button) or a toggle that would allow me to make the editor a fixed height temporarily would be preferred solutions.

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It's now 2021 and I spent probably 4 hours today so far trying to resolve this. Apparently the editor toolbar is supposed remain visible by default whilst you scroll up and down whilst editing your content. I'm assuming IPS disabled it. It's a nightmare trying to format a Privacy Policy, add links etc, without endless scrolling up and down on a tablet. 
It should work similar to this, so no matter where you are editing the UI is available to you:


Or it also supports floating toolbars showing buttons relevant to what you are currently editing.

I wish IPS would enable a toggle or let it be fixed as you work.


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