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I went to look at a download that I have purchased/downloaded previously and I noticed that right now it is listing the available downloads from oldest to newest.... I would easily mistakenly download the oldest one not knowing that the newest one is on the bottom. Seems a bit backwards to me. It should be switched to get less confusion.

Give members a way to hide their birthday from their profile altogether or only show their age or only the month & day of their birthday or only the month etc. etc. I don't mind showing my age on here but I hate that my actual birthday is displayed. Makes it easier if someone wanted to steal my identity. Which happens all too frequently. 

Sorry if this was already addressed....

UPDATE: I also noticed when purchasing a download that I am required to enter my billing information on here. I don't want other members to have that information so it is prohibiting me from purchasing the product even though it is only a downloaded file. I'm trying to purchase: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5386-tutorials/

You should make it so that it is optional and since, on your site at least (publicly), you do not ship anything out, you should turn that off for all files.

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