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CKeditor developers?


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You can write a Suite plugin that extends the text parser class to add more oembed and other embeddable media checks.

That could work as well. So I modify my request:

I am willing to pay for a custom 4.0 plugin that recreated my custom 3.4 Media Tag. It recognizes this link structure:


And creates this HTML output in the editor:

<div class="specimen">
<img src="http://apicdn.myfonts.net/v1/fontsample?idtype=styleid&width=1400&bg=eeeeee&border=16&behaviour=resize&id=$4&text=$5" alt="$6" title="$6" class="myfontssample"></a><br>
<img class="myfontsdesc" src="http://apicdn.myfonts.net/v1/fontsample?idtype=styleid&width=1400&bg=eeeeee&id=235959&border=4&size=40&text=$6" alt="$6" title="$6">
<br /><a href="http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/$1/$2/">download at MyFonts</a></div>


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It shouldn't be too difficult to write your own CKEditor plugin by modifying their sample abbreviation plugin. I'm not a javascript developer, myself, but this looks fairly easy to follow:

​Yeah, I already looked at that, but there is still a lot to learn and it could mean countless hours of trial and error. I also found, that you can very easily break the whole editor with tiny mistakes in one plugin. 

I would much rather avoid all that and pay a professional for a robust and hassle-free solution. 

(Or have IPS bring back what they made possible in 3.4)

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