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I'm just wondering, with the recent beta release etc how the developers of 3rd party apps are coming along (if at all)? For example when V4 is released are 3rd party apps likely to be ready at the same time or will we expect them with a few days or a few weeks?

I would ask in the relevant topics for a more specific answer on specific 3rd party apps but I was just wondering on a general basis.


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I've started coding most of my required stuff last weekend and continued with it on friday and almost everything is finished yet (at least the stuff which is possible with the current stage of the beta:D )

  • Font Awesome Forum Icon
  • Topic Stencil
  • Usernotes
  • Account Switch
  • Welcome Members
  • Predefined Editor Content



  • calendar custom fields
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I've got a few purchased apps installed, as well as hooks

  • Auto Welcome Members  v2.3.0
  • Arcade  v4.2.4d
  • Awards  v1.1.7
  • Manage Inactive Members  v1.5.3
  • HQ Member of the month
  • Subscriptions manager
  • Live Streams
  • Auto reply to topics
  • Featured topics (not required anymore).
  • Tournaments
  • NG33 Xbox / PSN / PC Tags
  • Steam Profile Integration
  • Donation Tracker
  • Twitter Timeline

Main ones I would ideally like to be ready would be Live Streams, Member of The Month, Tournaments, Twitter Timeline, Xbox / PSN / PC tags and Donation Tracker. That way I can upgrade to V4 hopefully by March / April (if that's within timeline for V4 release).


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