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address of server protocol

mohammad hassan_177817

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almost there i just keep getting , added new data base and password and all after reading an this this https://support.godaddy.com/help/article/36/creating-mysql-or-sql-server-databases-for-your-hosting-account


Response:    530 User cannot log in.
Error:    Critical error: Could not connect to server

also i need to do some tweeks at the web root, after reading the robot txt. 

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for my host name instead of following all those other videos telling you put your ip address for your server, I instead did this i typed sftp:// ( domain name) .com

almost went through

Status:    Connecting to (domainname).com...
Response:    fzSftp started
Command:    open "username@domainname.com" 22
Error:    Connection timed out
Error:    Could not connect to server

Maybe my internet is slow, only took 5 seconds then it the connection timed out

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Oh mate, trying to do it all by myself is the best thing i have done, I learned the godaddy setting and all the options I have available, I am 99.8  percent sure now that  the host , user name, password, for FTP using fila zila , is the correct information. I have been on this now since 4 pm and now It's 2 am , now it is just connection problem, I will try to use my brother's computer , if that doesnt work than I will contact support, I would have exhausted all the sources available to me. never thought I would ever have my own website. I not that tech savvy, unlike my bro, who build his own pcs and such.


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Your host may have tutorials / guides available to assist.

Generally you might find you do not need sftp. If your site was www.example.com, for the host just enter site.com , the username / password are the FTP ones provided by your host. Try leaving the port box empty at this stage too, FileZilla will attempt in most cases to fill this in for you.

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