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Error Codes Conventions

Kevin Carwile

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A = Severity

1User does something that is not allowed. Can happen in normal use.User did not fill in a required form element.
2Action cannot be performed. Will not happen in normal clicking around, but may happen if a URL is shared.User does not have permission to access requested page; Page doesn't exist.
3Action cannot be performed. Will not happen in normal use.Secure key doesn't match; User submitted a value for a select box that wasn't in the select box.
4Configuration error that may happen if the admin hasn't set things up properly.Uploads directory isn't writable; Facebook application data was rejected.
5Any error that should never happen.No login modules exist; Module doesn't have a defined default section.
B = A single character representing the application.
XXX = A 3-digit number which represents the class. Starting with 100, it's just in the order we created them. We have a script which keeps track of them.
Z = A number or letter representing the error within that class. Starting at 1, when we get to 9, we then go A-Z.
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