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How to get member id


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I am editing the root_ramework.js file and the global/framework/common/ui/ips.ui.autocomplete.js function.

To make a long story short I need to add member id when a token is created in ignore and PM function. This is performed in the following code:

_buildResultsList = function() {
    if (options.resultsElem && $(options.resultsElem).length) {
        resultsElem = $(options.resultsElem);
    var resultsList = ips.templates.render(options.resultsTemplate, {
        id: elemID
    resultsElem = $('#' + elemID + '_results');
    resultsElem.on('mouseover', '[data-value]', function(e) {
    }).on('click', '[data-value]', function(e) {
    }).attr('aria-busy', 'false');

More precisely "_addToken($(e.currentTarget).attr('data-value'))". If I change it to "_addToken($(e.currentTarget).attr('data-value') + ' ' + 'test')" test is added to the token. I need to replace 'test' with code the adds the member id of the user that is selected.

I have tried everything I know for hours and unfortionutly I am not a good programmer, can someone help me with the code that solves this?

Extremely grateful for all help I can get!
Kind regards,

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