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Thanks! Small changes, big impact.


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With all the topics and posts complaining about what changed and is missing in 4.0, I would also like to say thank you for the actual improvements, which are mostly unmentioned. 

For example: for my new site and am currently setting up a complete directory in Pages – with people, companies, books, events …from my field of interest. This only became possible through some new 4.0 features. Especially:

  • category-specific fields! I can now set up fields like “birth year”, “ISBN”, “size of company” … in one database and have those fields only show in the appropriate category. Great!
  • reviews! Listing content is one thing. But with reviews the directory will become so much more relevant and useful. 

In contrast to 3.4, the database page could be set up without any coding – just drag and drop. This includes the database filters which automatically appear and disappear depending on whether there is something to filter in the specific category. Great!

So thanks for these (and other) new features! I expect them to have a big impact on the success of my upcoming site. 

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I replied to your other thread about the variables. I do agree that not enough thanks are mentioned for the improvements that have been made. The positives far outweigh any negatives and the few items that I could consider to be negative will more than likely be addressed in future releases.

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