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How to add Commerce prior to updating to Beta 4a?


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I can't get this right, and I seem to be the only one, so I'm hoping that somebody can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I own a licence for Nexus, and so would like to see Commerce in my Beta.

When I tried updating via the link in the dashboard, Commerce didn't appear. I suppose that's not a surprise, since there was no Commerce initially installed for it to update.

So I downloaded Commerce from my client area, copied the files across, and then installed it in System > Applications.

It seemed to go fine. Commerce appeared as an app, and the Store and Support items appeared in the nav bar. However, clicking them brings me a 404 that /store and /support aren't on the server.

I've not filed this as a bug report because it's clearly working for everybody else, so I wonder whether anybody could set out for me, please, the broad strokes that would take me from having a working Beta 3a to working 4a with Commerce. What is it I need to do? Or do I have to do a fresh installation?


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