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Wondering where to report defects


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There is a bug tracker (link is in the header area) although this is now for version 4.

I would suggest the best thing to do is have your admin / licence holder come here and submit a ticket in the Client Area (link in header area) so a technician can advise on the issue(s) at hand. Your admin can also add 'alternative contacts' to their account too, so that others such as yourself are able to submit support / technical requests.

The other alternative would be to post in the Client Services forum for support (peer to peer support usually) although we may direct you to official support depending on what the issue is but you'd need to be an alternative contact to post there as its currently only available to clients / 'expired' clients and alternative contacts I think.

Option 1 is the best one here really, have the admin submit a ticket and / or add you as an alternative contact. :)

Please let us know if you need further information / clarification on any of this.

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