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Staff or devs know where this function is hiding?


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Looking to move some search elements around. Inside core - front - search - resultStream is...


That function is buried somewhere outside the templating system I suspect. At least I'm not finding it. Each search result is pushed out and structured by that function. If anyone can save me some manual searching of the non-template IPS files I'd appreciate it.

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Thanks; it's also in topic, post, etc php sources. And, it is templated - calling back to contentComment. I thought that was the bit but none of my changes did anything. Probably had only forum posts up in my results page and was editing contentItem instead. One of these days I'm going to walk through some of this stuff and create a map laying out template and function calls per page, in order. 

Feel free to nuke this thread if you like.

Also, props for fixing a number of long-standing search bugs involving what used to be searchlite (now mark). Everything I'm throwing at it isn't breaking formatting or skipping over results. Looking good!

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