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Phrase "on"


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In English you can use "on", "by" and "in" etc in various places but example in Estonian, those words mean nothing. We don't have prefixes, we have 14 different cace forms instead. Example "on tuesday" is "teisipäeval" (nominative = teisipäev) and it can have 13 different case forms more. In Finnish, there should be even 15 case forms.


So, my request is that when formulating sentences, could you guys keep in mind theres linguistic peculiarities and won't use words like "on" individually. Right now I cant translate word "on" because it means different things when formulating sentences. If there's key like x_created_topic_in it can done without any problems. But key on itself cause problems.


For example "Most Online" has "On *date*" and search uses exact "on" in "Post On *topic* in *forum*". For Estonian I'd like to translate Most Online like "Kuupäeval *date*" (kuupäeval = on) or leave it just *date* and in search "Postitus teemas *teema* asukohas *forum*" (teemas = on). As you can see using "on" individually can cause weird sentences.



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@Feneroin: I posted a response to your original bug report but it's probably appropriate to go here too as part of the discussion.


@Mark: It's super-ace how seriously you fellas are taking the internationalisation and how willing you are to make adjustments but I wonder how practicable it could be if people just sent through periodic bug reports stating things like "I can't translate the word 'on' in my language". This might be a heck of a job but would it be helpful if I or someone like me who has a background in languages tried to collate linguistic features that there's no reason for anglophones to be aware of and then write them up as in the example I've set out above?


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