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I always got a problem with the "Mark topics a user have replied", so i turned it off since it was introduced.

Since the Preview of IPS4 that i noticed that option is On by default and we cannot turn it off, i turned it on on my board so i could test it if the problem was gone.

The result was the Query for that option taking sometime 1 full minute... So i opened a ticket in the support.

This problem is solved in IPS4 and they applied the fix to my 3.4 board. But even that way, sometimes the query takes 5 to 10 seconds, which is enough to have some of my members complaing about the speed.

Some examples:

# Query_time: 12.299088  Lock_time: 0.000284 Rows_sent: 9  Rows_examined: 14163
SET timestamp=1418257731;
SELECT DISTINCT (topic_id), author_id FROM x_utf_ibf_posts WHERE  queued=0  AND author_id=12390 AND topic_id IN(64878,65574,65639,65579,65573,65276,65717,65571,62946,64967,65572,64221,49216,65671,62426,64283,63370,65585,65509,64220,65453,65465,65576,56600,35237);
# Time: 141211  1:31:46

# Query_time: 5.879324  Lock_time: 0.000166 Rows_sent: 12  Rows_examined: 21458
SET timestamp=1418257906;
SELECT DISTINCT (topic_id), author_id FROM x_utf_ibf_posts WHERE  queued=0  AND author_id=346 AND topic_id IN(64878,65574,65639,65579,65573,65276,65717,49216,65671,62426,65585,64220,65453,65576,35237,60724,59951,62753,63421,64222,65437,45727,63776,65417,63764);
# Time: 141211  1:32:53

# Query_time: 6.245190  Lock_time: 0.000168 Rows_sent: 8  Rows_examined: 22275
SET timestamp=1418319220;
SELECT DISTINCT (topic_id), author_id FROM x_utf_ibf_posts WHERE  queued=0  AND author_id=25536 AND topic_id IN(63306,65719,64425,65276,65572,65682,49216,62426,65453,60724,65436,64220,65671,64222,64246,61334,64004,65703,65509,35237,59951,62753,65627,4854,59836);
# Time: 141211 18:36:41

So what solutions do we have if we find this problem in IPS4?

I believe the problem might be in the fact that i use a VPS with an HDD. That HDD is shared by all the VPS's. But with that option turn off my site is really fast, so i don't see the need of going to a dedicated Server. I also don't use Ads, so i don't generate any kind of revenue. All the money for the VPS, Licenses etc etc, comes from my pocket.

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