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Are relational fields coming back?

Well, they have to. I haven’t spend the last 2 years connecting thousands of records just for fun. 


I would love to see a relational field that not only allows you to select records from a defined database, but can also be used to have the user select a gallery image, or a forum topic, and so on.

​That’s a good idea. I thought about this as well. If someone for example has a travel site and creates a record for a certain city, then embedding one or more picture albums from that city would make a lot of sense and fit the “suite concept” of 4.0.

In addition: It has been requested in the past several times: The external records can currently only be linked and you cannot retrieve any data from the foreign record except the actual field you choose for the linking. That is very limited. If I visit the page of a music artists, I can only link the album names in the album database. But the system can’t show the cover, the record label, the release year and so on. 


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