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I am pleased to see all the little improvements in Pages. Since the app is still in development I would like to repeat a suggestion, that could maybe still make it into the 4.0 release: more filter options. The current versions of IP.Content and Pages only allow filtering for fields where specific options are set within the field itself (through radio-buttons for example). But users expect filtering for other fields as well …

  • Numeric Filters:
    Fields for dates and numbers could easily be used for filtering and users expect this option. If I have a database of music album releases, then I would probably have a (numeric) field for “year of release” and users would wan’t to search for “albums from the 1960s”. So if the filter option is activated for that field, two input boxes would appear to enter 1960 and 1969 as a range and with a click you could apply that filter. Optionally the system could also automatically create sliders from the existing data, but simple input boxes would also do it.  
  • Alphabetic Filters:
    For text fields however, an alphabetic filter would be a great option. For that album database, the user might want to filter “Artist’s name”, “Album Name” or “Record Label Name” and only show the ones starting with a specific letter of the alphabet. My users have specifically asked me for this function. The filter could be a drop-down menu, link list or multi-select list only showing the first letters which are actually in use. So, if there is no entry starting with X yet for that field, it would not show this letter or show it greyed-out. 


Example: Range filter



Example: Alphabetic filter




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