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Ticket Support & Credentials

Ocean West

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I would like to see a better method for managing request from IPS for credentials for people seeking support in lieu of create a ticket and then send us your credentials:

Which I have done on several occaisions, and most certainly am grateful and appreciated the assistance.

This is what I would like to see implemented:

Require user to create an unique account for IPS Support with full admin access - something different then their typical user account. (you don't need to know their dead pets name)

Recommend user to create a separate FTP account for IPS Support (some hosts may not allow multiple FTP)

On IPS backend a Profile Configuration System where  each user can create a "profile" for every deployment.
A form for recording all important details about the deployment including the needed credentials (ACP/FTP)  for these support accounts.

On saving the credentials this information is encrypted at rest on IPS servers.

When the user has an issue and IPS requests access to provide assistance; ask them to submit a ticket.

The ticket engine could then have a drop down that prompts the user to choose the deployed configuration profile they need assistance with.

At this point IPS is granted access to the configuration profile during the life of the ticket.

The Benefits:
Users have greater confidence that such credentials are encrypted and their visibility are limited/restricted/temporal
( even though I have utmost confidence in IPS this can provide additional assurances to users ) 

For ISP staff the need to request this information is inherent in the instruction for them to submit a ticket.

And depending on how you display this information to your staff, I can imagine it would make it much more efficient and more reliable and not have to parse it out from a novel in a support ticket.
( on one occasion i had to provide credentials twice on the same ticket as the issue was passed on to another person )

When users add configuration profiles, during a time of calm waters - when things are working - there is a higher accuracy rate vs when your frustrated and things are borked or you are trying to troubleshoot while away and may not have your credentials on your mobile device. 


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We already have this in place actually, access info is stored per license, and is available in each ticket as a drop down as you mentioned.  You can provide these details by going to Your Purchases and selecting the relevant package.

We even have a notice when submitting a ticket to ensure your access details are up to date etc.



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