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I would like to suggest that, when the next google Captcha come out that IPB 4 would have it as one of there features for sure. I you do not already know what the new Captcha is or how it works here is an article http://thenextweb.com/google/2014/12/03/meet-googles-ambitious-new-captcha-hopes-make-easier-prove-youre-human/ If you do not feel like reading that let me explain it a for you shortly. Now you no longer have to type in those weird words from the codes, now you just check a checkbox saying you are not a robot. Though it may not be that simple. Google will then check cookies and other resources to check if your search behavior is like that of a normal person. If you are not it will ask you to do s short puzzle, like choose all the dogs out of a list of pictures. I would really like to  see this in IPB 4 whenever you can. Many members do not like to type that in. Tell me what you guys think about this.

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