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IP.Downloads for IPS 4 question


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Does the IP.downdloads for ips 4 have an option to add a download without a file requirement, like the xenforo resource addon? I'm a xenforo user but xenforo is missing too many baseline stuff, I like how IPS 4 is looking so far. 


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It isn't exactly a download when you do not have any files.

​well to be fair ip.downloads could also be included to download text or pics without requiring a file. I mean ipb doestnt have an addon that allows all kinds of content to be added like xenforo recources. Just because ip.downloads doesnt have a simple "doesnt require a file" feature that you can turn on and off. You could include tutorials heck even make a centralised place for almost everthing that is not static like the forum. if you add this option. 


O well maybe i inquire a 3rd party dev to add this feature

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