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How do you rename applications?


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No, but there is a way to do it using Localization > Language. The apps are, I think, the first in the list when you translate. I can't check at the minute but I'm fairly sure they take language strings such as app__forums. Change those and you change the app name.

Alternatively, you can use the Quick Translating tool to change the language string directly.

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Is this information still current?



Nearly, there was a little change in 4.0.9 - but no drama :)

Notes for translators

  • The public-facing navigation tabs now have language strings separate from the application title (this means translators will need to re-translate the application tabs upon upgrade).

You may still use quicktranslationtools or translate the following phrases in the ACP:

Blogs None None __app_blog Blogs
Kalender None None __app_calendar Calendar
Chat None None __app_chat Chat
CMS None None __app_cms Pages
System None None __app_core System
Downloads None None __app_downloads Downloads
Forum None None __app_forums Forums
Galerie None None __app_gallery Gallery
Shop None None __app_nexus Commerce

And, for 4.0.9 and up also:

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