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URL Change in SQL


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In the past I could move IPB from subfolder to root and back if I wanted and with just a change in the url in the config file everything would work smoothly.

However going from subfolder to root I noticed it kind of did it. However in the sql it still points to the subfolder but when you look at the forum, the links are as they should be. Is there a way through the sql to fix it so it's no longer pointing to the subfolder but rather the root. I noticed in SQL they still point to the old url. Right now it looks like images were affected so it appears the images were stripped from the site mainly. All folders are as they should be so I'm assuming this is an issue from what they are pointing in the sql. Is there something I may be missing?

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You have to go to the File Storage configuration settings in the ACP and adjust any configurations that are set up to point to the new URL.

​I had done that but nothing changed. To make it worse. I have like 4 of the same thing showing and they all shoot back errors saying I can't delete them while they are moving things. They never ever seem to stop moving stuff in the background. lol. I'm updating to 3a. I'll see if that fixes anything then will shoot back what I find.

"1C158/4 Files are currently being moved into that configuration and so it cannot be edited. Wait until the move has completed and then try again."


That never changes.

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