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Pages Pre-release 3


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For Pages beta, is there anyway to display pages outside of the forums of the website?

i.e. Community Suite installed in website.com/forums but I need the page, say 'page1' to be in website.com/page1 or website.com/page1.html

and an index page to display in website.com/

I could do so in previous IP.Content but cannot find in the beta.

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So what is the difference between a pre-release and a beta?  And how come this isn't part of the Beta pack for the other applications?

Just curious as to the reasoning behind it.

​ Although on the download page for the Pages pre-release the language changes between alpha/pre-release and beta it is the former.

When Pages is folded into the primary beta package is the point from which IPS will support it officially - at least for upgrading. The thread posted here just yesterday asking for volunteers to test out the Pages upgrading system seems to indicate we are getting there.

Now if we could just get a Commerce alpha and maybe a peek at the new Chat before the New Year...

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