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Where to set your forum signature?


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As above. I clicked Edit Profile from the menu that drops down from my user name at the top right but it doesn't mention signature. I've seen them used on here, so where can I change it? I think that would be a logical place to have the signature stuff - or is it in another menu somewhere and if yes, where and why? lol :)

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Thanks for letting me know @Charles - and your comment made me smile :)

I might just have to hire a coder to see if he/she can embed that signature box on the the profile tab. My users are more likely to want to change and update their signature rather than the "About Me" section. On that note, I think I just found a bug - for me I actually see 2 x About Me boxes on the Edit Profile page?

Update: I've reported it (see screenshot for what I mean).


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