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Request for API endpoints, IPConnect and documentation


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Is there any documentation for interacting with IPBoard 4 via RESTful api endpoints?

I'm also hoping it will be easy to have 3rd party applications do things like:

  • create topics
  • get a list of posts in a particular topic
  • create a post with an image
  • get a list of users on the forum
  • edit a user

I am currently running 3.4.7 with IPConnect for single sign on between an app I wrote. I'm very much looking forward to how we will integrate SSO with IPBoard 4.0 so that I can start coding right away.

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I didn't see any mention of REST in the source code though so not holding out much hope there.

It is possible to bootstrap the whole system, but there are issues in that cookies are only set in whichever folder your forum is installed rather than site-wide so this has limited usefulness and you can't override the cookie path without changing a core file.

In prior versions you could set cookie paths, but not v4 for some reason :(

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