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Why new v4 bug tracker? Do we have to repost?


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There is text at the top of the page on both bug trackers explaining it. Please let me know if the text is not clear enough.

​The only text I finally spotted on the new tracker was in the key to what the coloured labels mean - it's not half as clear as the one on the old tracker. Also it doesn't make it clear whether we need to resubmit bugs to the new tracker. I'm not trying to be a PITA - just providing some constructive feedback on the way some of these things are being communicated :)

@Charles: On a related note, I still can't see a downside to making it a bit clearer that this site is currently running on a beta version of forthcoming software. Us regulars (and you IPS staff) know this, but what about a brand new visitor who is interested in your software. The only place it's mentioned is on an announcement box on the home page - not very obvious if you come in via a sub-forum or thread link. How about something in the footer or header. Again, just trying to improve the experience for those who aren't in the loop :)

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